Residential Property – Built on Family Values

San Developments is a family company with over 40 years combined experience in building quality apartments. Each member of our family contributes to our business – whether it be as project foreman, project manager, legals, or sales support. Together, we work to drive forward developments that help Australians secure the apartments of their dreams.

At San Developments, we are committed to providing an ethical service within an over-crowded building industry. We have stayed true to this commitment for over 40 years, by offering high craftsmanship and quality housing for each and every customer. Our customers are the foundation of our business and where our values lie – therefore we are committed to building strong working relationships, based on respect and integrity.

Our Approach

We believe that communication is a key component in everything we do, both in the building and the settlement stage. Our approach is to be open and to consistently give our customers our honest opinion, 100% dedication and commitment to ethics.

We do things a little differently than other builders. We focus only on one development project at a time. We stay with that project from planning, right through to final production. This way, we can be sure that our work is completed properly and with the attention-to-detail that we are well known for.

We take great pride in our work and as such, we always retain an investment when we build, because we truly believe the projects we take on have true potential for long-term return.

Not your typical builder, San Developments offers a more personal touch in the housing industry. We believe in collaborating with our customers and answering any questions, at any time.

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